Anecdote: When Rajiv Gandhi went alone in the jeep with Sonia Gandhi


On July 1, 1985 there was torrential rains, and then suddenly it was reported that Air Chief Marshal Laxman Madhav Katre passed away. Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi reached his residence and spend fifteen minutes there.


He had a complete motorcade with the Prime Minister, as the SPG did not know that Sonia Gandhi would sit in Rajiv’s car or go somewhere else in her car from Katre’s residence, so Sonia’s security personnel were also walking together in the same motorcade. When Rajiv Gandhi came out of Katre’s house, he saw many cars parked there.

He told the standing police officer near him that he should ensure that these cars did not come after him, but when he walked with Sonia in his jeep, he saw that all the cars were following him. Perhaps the police officer did not understand his instructions in a manner.

Rajiv suddenly stopped his Jeep, he got out in torrential rains. Open the escort car coming right behind him and took out his key. After this he removed the keys of other two cars. As soon as the convoy stopped, the Deputy Commissioner of the Delhi Police, who came back, brought his car forward to know what the matter was. Land came out of his feet when Rajiv took out the keys of his car without saying anything.

The funny thing happened when Rajiv threw all the keys in a water-filled gully and proceeded alone with Sonia. ACP did not understand what to do.

There was tremendous rains and all six cars in the Prime Minister’s convoy were standing in the middle of Rajaji Marg without a key. They did not have any idea at all where Rajiv had gone.


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