9 Problems that Only Men with Big Penis will Understand

men in tight brief

Whether or not at some point in life, all men have thought about penis size. If your penis would look twice the size it is now? Will you be able to sit properly? It would be so uncomfortable having a big penis? What advantages it will bring to your life? Well, of course we can not generalize. We are not saying that all men are like that but, at least, some already have this kind of thinking, certainly yes.

It is essential to keep in mind that we have no intention to criticize, judge or to impose absolute truths. Our goal is unique and overall to inform and entertain. Therefore, the content of this area is for those people who identify themselves. Reinforcing the idea that everyone is free to think, be and do what they please.

Discomfort to sit

discomfort to sit

Generally, because of the size, there are only few position in which the person feels comfortable to sit. Especially when you need to stay long sitting.

Briefs Hinder

men in tight brief

There are all sorts of underwear and types, so select one that perfectly fits, covering up the entire length of the penis is something that almost never happens.

It is extremely difficult to find a swimsuit that suits

men swimtrunk

More or less the similar problem of underwear. But, while using the swimwear it is a little worse. Simply because in addition to being hard to find one that suits you, well, swimming trunks are naturally tight, making “it” obvious in some cases be greater than it actually is. Even unintentionally.

You can not use sweatshirt pants

men in sweatshirt pants

Some men normally go to the gym wearing sweats, For men who have a penis size above average, even wearing sweats, the fabric reveals more than what you really want to hide.

At wrong time it will be noticeable

embarrassed men

Not that necessarily be a problem. The real problem is the time. At times, as in a job interview or going to meet the in-laws, gender situations, have a big penis that perchance suffer involuntary movements, may end up being very embarrassing.

Just as the full penetration is something very difficult

women wide eyes open

Women will complain. Even with very little way, a large penis can hurt (a lot!) At the time of sex. So it will be somewhat (very) difficult to find a woman who does not feel uncomfortable with such greatness.

It is extremely difficult to convince women to try new positions

no no

If the above two are common to you or, at least, could see the difficulties of having a big penis too much during sex, just imagine trying new positions.

Any condom is too small

small condom

We all know you will discover condoms of all sizes, types, colors and flavors, but … Well, if your size is bigger than average in your country then it’s not always so easy to find that the right size.

Having a large penis also have its advantages, but also there are many disadvantages. Those we have mentioned above are just a few which only the men could have understand.


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