7 diseases that you can get with Technology


Is there is anyone today Who is not dependent on technology? In fact the technology is here to assist in thousands of things in our lives, just think about how it is to live without a mobile phone? Imagine how it should be life without being connected to the internet? Certainly enough to live, but would go back to have so say, an archaic life.

Even with so many advantages, the use of technology has a downside. Everything we use in excess can harm us, and the technology is no different, for those unaware, the technology can cause some diseases, and we will present some of them to you today. So readers facts Unknowns now grant our matter with 7 diseases that you can get with the fault of the technology:

Repetitive strain injury

Repetitive Strain Injury

The patients of this disease once were seam stresses and musicians, because of repetitive stress injuries. However nowadays, the patients are the individuals who work in offices, because of the several hours spent while using keyboard. Repetitive use of fingers, wrists, arms and shoulders can lead to serious damage that over time the body is unable to repair. And that’s the reason preventive measures are important, just like regular breaks and stretching.

Ghost touch Syndrome


Have you ever picked up your phone in your pocket to have the impression that It was vibrating? The phantom ringing syndrome is when you have that little feeling that your phone is vibrating, but in fact nothing is happening. According to the study 70 percent of people who use mobile has reported to have ghost syndrome. All this happens thanks to a response mechanism in the wrong place in our brains.



You are aware of that terrible feeling whenever we are apart from all of our technologies? Well, this is known as NOMOPHOBIA, and that is described in the sharp increase in anxiety that people feel when they’re away from their phones. While the attachment towards the cell may sound with a way to make life easier, this condition can have a downside in people’s lives.

Headaches caused by cell

Headaches caused by cell

You will find a great debate over if mobile phones are harmful to health or not, however, some studies are showing that there’s a link between headaches and cell phone use. A survey commissioned by mobile phone makers in 2008, discovered that a use of a cell phone before bed can affect the quality of sleep and cause severe headaches the next day.

Telephonophobia / Cyberofobia


This condition indicates people with aversion to cell phones. Telephonobia is actually a fear of phones itself, but the fact is to receive calls. The person may suffer panic attacks and fainting intimidation feeling to receive or make a call. Already cyberfobicos are the people who have anxiety and fear of using computers.

Facebook Depression

Facebook Depression

Ever in life have you ever felt bad after spending a few hours using Facebook? So be aware that you aren’t alone. Some studies in 2013 reached the conclusion that this feeling has neurological origins. The condition affects more in college students and children.

 Hearing Loss

hearing loss

And who of you have never played a game high listening music? The headphones are progressively sophisticated with regard to sound fidelity and the power of sound. But are you aware that the high volume leads to hearing loss in many people. The World Health Organization has issued a warning to this problem. In accordance with WHO, about 1 million young people can lose their hearing because of wrong use of headphones.


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