6 ‘Dabang’ and ‘Famous’ IAS officers


The very first time I watched ‘Nayak’, starring Anil Kapoor, I ridiculed that movie as a whole because somewhere down the line I thought why would any person put his life on the line to save other people (except our army and policemen). Then these IAS officers showed that good people in this world, especially in administration, do exist.

Here is the list of 6 most famous and Dabang IAS officers



Seshan is still the most popular IAS officer among the Indian public, long after he relinquished office and retired from service. T.N. Seshan is best remembered as the man who cleaned up elections in India. He was the Chief Election Commissioner of India (1990–96), who reformed elections by largely ending its malpractices in the country.

B Chandrakala


She went viral through video all over the India after she publicly reprimanded the engineer for bad construction quality.

After that, whatever she does, she is always in news

A Selfie Landed Teen In Jail. He Messed With The Wrong Officer

Dead body found in front of Partapur Katai Mill where UP Election 2017 EVM stored – डीएम चंद्रकला के जिले में ‘ईवीएम’ की सुरक्षा पर उठे सवाल

डीएम बी.चंद्रकला ने वोटर को जागरुक करने के लिए उठाया ये अनोखा कदम – DM B Chandrakala flagoff two Election awareness Vehicle from meerut news in hindi

Public grievance redressal should be priority: DM B. Chandrakala – Times of India

इस DM ने वोट डालकर वोटर्स को यूं क‍िया मोट‍िवेट, देंखें PHOTOS

DM बी चंद्रकला ने वोटिंग के लिए रवाना किए जागरुकता वाहन, ये हैं नारे

When it comes to likes and comments, it breaks the record of Akhilesh Yadav and Arvind Kejriwal. For instance, she recently posted a picture on Facebook on the occasion of Guru Purnima.

The picture garnered more than 162K likes on Facebook and the post was shared by more than 4200 people. Over 8,000 people commented on the picture of DM Chandrakala within 24 hours time. These statistics are actually unbelievable and similar to those of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities.

b chandrakala ias

Ashok Khemka – the man with 47 transfers in 25 years!

Ashok Khemka IAS officer

Ashok Khemka is a 1991 batch IAS officer of the Haryana Cadre. He is best known for canceling the mutation of Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra’s illegal land deal in Gurgaon.

He has been transferred 47 times in 25 years by state governments after he exposed corruption in the departments he was posted in.

Ubagarampillai Sagayam

Ubagarampillai Sagayam

U. Sagayam came into the limelight right away for accusing the District Collector of favoritism towards operators of large tea estates. This led to the first of his many transfers.

The sign on his office door reads: “Reject bribes, hold your head high.”

On joining a new post, the first thing that the officer does is to place this sign in his office.

In 2000, he sealed Pepsi Cola’s bottling plant near Chennai after finding dirt in many bottles.

In 2004, he confiscated 5,000 subsidized domestic gas cylinders in three days.

In 2009, he created history by becoming the first IAS officer in TN to upload details of his assets on the district website.

In March 2011, the election commission hand-picked Sagayam to oversee elections in Madurai.

In 2012, he submitted a 13-page report to the TN government, showing that the state had lost Rs. 16,000 crores to illegal quarrying in Madurai.

In 2015, he became a hero by spending the night in a graveyard to protect evidence.

Over 5000 villagers protested against one of his transfers, forcing its withdrawal.

Deepak Rawat

He is well known and very popular for his bold, honest, and straight working style and efficiency.

Here are some videos, just watch these once, and you wouldn’t be requiring the further introduction.

Gaurav Goyal

Gaurav Goyal is an IAS officer of 2006 batch of Rajasthan Cadre

Gaurav Goyal is an IAS officer of 2006 batch of Rajasthan Cadre. He is widely regarded as one of the best performing civil servants of India. He has done marvelous work as Collector of Barmer where he single-handedly transformed a drought prone area with proper implementation of MGNREGA. In fact, the proponent of this employment scheme name Gaurav and Barmer as an example of the power of MGNREGA. Only recently, he was awarded by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his stupendous work during the demonetization phase and making Ajmer one of the top five districts in the country in adopting and adapting cashless/digital transactions.

Gaurav Goyal came into the news in 2006 not just because of cracking UPSC Civil Services Examination, but also because of doing so at a very young age.

List is not complete please add more names in the comment section of this post. 


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