20 Things That Only Real Lazy People Will Understand!

We have gathered 20 photos that prove once again that laziness is the mother of the invention … or just an incredible energy saving regime.

When you decide to train, but you are not 100% sure.

You can not work and lie on the floor, they said.

What did you say? Take it down and wash it?

When your daughter asks you to swing it and you are a physical lazy tramp.

Real laziness is finding new solutions for ordinary things.

When you are modern but lazy

When there is only one clean plate.

When there are no clean dishes.  

There is no wrong place for a master of laziness.

Here’s how lazy bastards cleaned!

Sleeping at work is a real art.

The secret of success is simple: the most important thing is to apply a minimal effort to everything …

… and simplify every task to the limit.

When the remote is lost!

Yes, I’m lazy. No, I’m not ashamed.

Walking? It’s too much!

That’s what it looks like, a trash can in a family of lazy.

This is how I walk my dog ​​in the morning.

There is an elegant solution to any problem.

Genuine Zen.


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