14 Things, we can learn from ‘RAHUL GANDHI’

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Everyone has something to learn from: What should we take from him?, What should we NOT take from him?

Both of them teach you something if you have that vision. Try learning from everyone in the real life too. It will be a boon.

14 Things, You learn from 'RAHUL GANDHI'

So here are the 14 things which you can learn from Rahul Gandhi

How to tolerate people – I can see his social media and political life flooded with the abuses and flames for his family. Is it easy to handle that much of hatred silently?

How to pass Engineering Viva – Keep repeating the same answer to all the questions, talk about what you know and ignore rest of the question. In the end the examiner will get fed up and say “I will giving him passing marks otherwise I will have to see him again next year”

What type of personality one should not have – His deeds and actions simply portray that maturity has no age. Maturity cannot be bought by wealth nor by the family influence. It just comes because of the conditions.

Be Fearless – He knows what mess his speeches can create but he is fearless. He doesn’t bother anything & said whatever he wants. He is like – Ok, These are my words, I want to say it. BOOM I will say it.

Never follow your family business blindly – Even if you own a million dollar company, you won’t be able to handle it correctly and make an earning if you have zero interest in it. Better follow your passion and interest.

Don’t give up – In his turn in parliamentary debate,he tried to criticize Modi by taking Babbar Sher as an object.Though he couldn’t be able to succeed,he atleast tried some extent to criticize.Also,NREGA/MNREGA mistakes too.

Being Confident – Even Though RaGa is not a good speaker,but he didn’t feel less confidant on the stage, even He gets embarrassed.He maintains his confidence as usually.

Maintain your status and trust among the followers – It takes years and decades to make a strong foundation for your support. But it takes a few idiotic decisions to lose all the follower count. Hence, never take your customers for granted.

Story Maker – The making of the Babbar Sher story and some other stories, tells us that the skills of story making are necessary sometimes, in our life too, especially for job or college interviews, but the stories shall not be on the flimsy grounds.

Keep Smiling – biggest that one can learn from him is to develop a thick skin when in politics & keep smiling, or else get out of it.This space is open for anybody who wants to be castigated, abused, blamed,un-thanked, so if interested for all this please join to do good for the common man,without any acknowledgments?

Interview on National Television – That you can successfully give an Interview on National Television by simply repeating certain words in a random fashion, even if they don’t make any sort of sense!! (Remember RTI, Women Empowerment, System, Pushing Democracy deeper!!).

Do not stick to your speech – It’s good to memorise the text of speech but it is better to use our brain while speaking. Steve Jobs in the Microsoft. (Biggest joke in the entire life of Bill Gates.) Gujarat is bigger than United Kingdom. Even India is bigger than United States and Europe put together.

Never forgot your ancestors – You are here because of them. Always respect them and quote them whenever needed.

Check your speech twice, it could be in double meaning – Who is credited for giving milk to Gujarat? These women are credited for it! / You just ask to Mahila Congress. They would say ‘Maza aa Gaya’



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