12 reasons Why men love to see Indian Women wearing a SAREE

Saree can be regarded as the National Costume of India. The best thing about saree is that it can be worn at any occasion, anytime and in any style. It’s strange to see that saree is nothing but a long piece of cloth without any stitching, any cuts. This fact makes it unique because it gives you a room to style it accordingly.

It can make you look traditional, cultural, graceful, elegant and sexy. This is probably the only garment which adores your curves and makes you not be a wannabe at the same time. From a 12-year-old girl at a school event to great grand mom of 90 can wear it and still feel comfortable in it. Its versatility makes it charming and lovable among Indian women.

Below are 12 thing about saree that fascinates Indian men

A woman looks most elegant in a saree.


Men like it because it lets them have a glimpse of woman’s waist and naval which can be a treat for them.


Sarees are really a turn on for men if the waist curves and bellies especially when navel is visible get revealed.


Saree actually arouses a kind of curiosity in men because it pulls out the enticing feminine side of a woman effortlessly.

Indian men love to see women in a cultural avatar but when a pinch of glamor is added to the look, it attracts him even more.


Something to satisfy male’s surging testosterone hormones which women may or may not be aware without their knowledge when they wear sarees.

Saree highlights the curves of the body while concealing negatives like fat thighs or legs etc.


With the pleats and pallu saree adds grace to a lady’s gait and makes her look more delicately feminine.

A saree draws respect from others, and that is what an Indian man wants to see.

Men love to see Indian women wearing a saree because they have seen their mother and grandmother and other females of the family in the same attire throughout their childhood.


The same attire will give the most traditional look in so many ways! And of course, why won’t men love to see their ladies dressed as Indian women once in a while.

Well, even a simple saree can definitely grab their attention in so many ways from the deep cut blouse, backless choli to a strapless or tube blouse etc.

Weaving a single saree requires so much hard work and where there is hard work beauty will definitely come. As compared to other clothing Saree have the unique design, is more colorful, have exclusive and unique patterns and borders, the unique technology of handloom. When a woman wears such brilliant clothing they look like the goddess.

Don’t label writer as a pervert, just because He is being open about it. It’s a general thing, Sorry if women get offended by this topic. Please give your thoughts about this post.

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