12 Incredible Stories of People Losing Weight With Over 50 Kg In no time

We often promise to lose weight in time for the next summer season or plan to start our diet from next week or next month. But too often, such promises remain empty words.

We present 12 incredible real life stories from people who have managed to get hold of and say farewell to extra pounds. We believe that their stubbornness can inspire everyone to begin to take care of his body being always in perfect shape!

Kate: Minus 55 kg in 9 months.

Kate herself admits that she has not seen overweight for a long time as a serious problem. But at some point, it starts to affect her health. It starts with a reduction in daily intake of food and in the first week she gets down about 9 pounds. Counting calories and daily exercise, she loses 55 pounds in 9 months. Nowadays, Kate is a true fitness fanatic, training for two hours each day. Recently she has successfully completed her training for a fitness instructor.

This woman managed to lose 60 pounds in 12 years.

This woman has managed to lose 60 pounds. The basic idea of her method is to lower the consumption of sugar and to practice Zumba dances.

Vitals: minus 71 kg in 3 years

Vitality follows an individual diet based on the nutrition balance (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates). Keeping a balanced and varied diet helps to avoid appetite for sweets, sweets, and other harmful foods.

He also concentrates on cardio exercises. In addition, Vitaly walks at least 10,000 steps each day. Then, after successfully pulling down his weight to 110 pounds, he introduces his heavy workouts with free weights.

Rachel: minus 44 kg in 9 months.

There is no magic recipe for a loss of 44 kg. You can achieve these results by Calorie counting, healthy eating, and exercise. I tried other ways before, but this worked!
By the way, weight loss is not a universal solution. You can not just copy the diet or the exercises of another person and expect the miracle. He is advised to be a good personal trainer and nutritionist. And work, work, work! Every day, for a very long time! “Advises Rachel Graham.

Regina: minus 53 kg in 3 years.

Regina manages to lose 53 pounds. To do this, it starts with the gradual removal of harmful products. Download video with exercises and start exercising every day.
Later on, he goes to the gym more seriously. She has also changed her eating habits. Her daily food intake consists of five meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and several intermediate meals.

Pascal: minus 146 kg in 3 years.

When doctors began with anxious diagnosed, he decided to introduce radical changes in his life. To give up fast food and dairy products in favor of vegetables, brown rice, cinema, oatmeal and leafy meals. Moreover, he decides that the food must be “won” – so before each meal, he goes to the store to buy the food. Pascal has already gone at least 6 km. per day. He does not buy ready meals. When he pulls down to 90 pounds, lifting weights and walking exercises begins, as well as adhering to the right diet. One year later it is 93 kg. He admits he wants to be a good example of his son.

Jill: minus 79 kg in 4 years.

Jill says that before he decided to lose weight regularly, she missed breakfast and had a lot of chips, chocolate, cheese and other unhealthy treats. Already ate oatmeal and fruit, as well as salads and unpeeled potatoes.
She also runs her own classes in weight loss support group. “I have more energy than the sun!” Says Jill.
Clare: minus 12 kg in 6 months. 

After six months of rigorous exercise, the British TV presenter managed to lose 12 pounds. Her program includes kickboxing, pushups, squats, and jogging.

Jonathan: minus 98 kg in 3 years.

After years of obesity, Jonathan chose a healthy diet, exercise, and training with a personal trainer. After dropping off her first 75 pounds, she meets a girl who is engaged in joint bicycle tours and long walks. And, naturally, she says farewell to fast food in favor of healthy products.

Melissa: minus 90 kg in 3 years

In order to lose overweight, Melissa joins an online training program. She also learns to eat in moderate amounts and starts practicing healthy eating habits. He started eating whole grains instead of white bread and pasta.
After only three months, Melissa began training with five-minute exercises and gradually increased them for an hour.

Jade: minus 39 kg in a year. 

Jade has her own nutritional plan to replace fast-food with low-calorie snacks. Moreover, it has also reduced the amount of food to dinner to a minimum. This allowed reducing the daily intake of calories in half (from 3000 to 1500 calories). After a year he managed to lose 39 kg.

“I used every opportunity to walk. Before I was breathing while walking, I now have energy. I love to move. “Says, Jade.

Lindsay: minus 86 kg for 2 years.

In order to reduce weight, Lindsey had to reduce her daily ration from 4,000 calories to 700, while starting intensive daily workouts. Only a few months later, she begins to lose weight. And within two years, he managed to lose 86 kg!


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