10 things you should know before we die

10 things you should know before you die Hi. Today We leave you an express article, in which we will tell you about few things that we think we should all know before we die, maybe you already knew some, but we’r sure you’ll have a great surprise with the majority.

  1. The full name of Donald Duck is “Donald Fauntleroy Duck”.
  2. A giraffe can wipe its ears off its tongue and is the only mammal that does not emit any sound.
  3. The only food that does not rot is honey.
  4. A snake can sleep for up to 3 years.
  5. Octopi have 3 hearts.
  6. Alcohol is more harmful than cocaine .
  7. At birth we have 300 bones, and when we become adults only 206.
  8. It is impossible to commit suicide by holding your breath.
  9. The coca-cola contained cocaine until 1929
  10. Eating an apple is more effective than drinking coffee to stay awake.

And that’s it. we hope you liked it. If you like this post share it, or if you have any doubts and / or suggestions, write to us or leave a comment.


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