10 Reasons why girls from ‘Delhi’ are afraid of falling in love

Not to sound like my grandmother when she said, “how times have changed!” Because it is clear that, today more than ever, the customs, the way they dress and the way we communicate is transformed. The idea we have of love has changed, and perhaps that in our parents and grandparents time it was the noblest and tender feeling, in our time scary.

First, we should understand that falling in love is something that does not happen every day;sometimes it happens once in life and although it is one of the purest, surreal and magical feelings, we can also from the soul in the attempt, so before you judge, it is worth understanding some of the reasons why many girls from Delhi, Mumbai, and other Metro cities are afraid to fall into the trap of ‘monster’ of love.

1. Fear that an old story repeats

Actress saying die alone.

Once someone has been deceived, has gone through a difficult breakup, a divorce or has even been a victim of abuse, it is completely understandable that afraid to fall in love.

2. It is not nice to feel vulnerable

Sandra Bullock crying.

For some people feel vulnerable is very difficult because it involves trusting your partner, and there is always the risk that is not honest. For some people deal with that risk can be too.

3. The fear of loving and not being loved in return

Actress crying for a break.

Love and not be reciprocated or deliver more than necessary to reach the point where the balance is tilted on one side is something scary.

4. social acceptance

Couple of friends talking.

Although input does not seem a compelling reason to not fall in love, but to fall in love with a person who could not be approved by friends and family, to the point that terrifies the idea of being with someone.

5. Have had many failed relationships around

Actress congratulating a couple for their relationship.

The environment in which we grow up influences our way of thinking and if the parents of a girl divorced after 20 years of marriage or one of her best friends had a break after 5-year relationship, could be sufficient reason to believe that yours may not work.

6. Do not forget your last pair

Actress in the film Fast and furious hitting a guy.

Although they say that theirs with that person ended long ago, you may cycle with that person you imagined a future is not over, even worse when that person died in an accident or moved to another city or country.

7. Self-esteem problems

Bridget Jones knickers watching.

It is likely that if that person has self-esteem problems sabotaged herself with ideas unaware that does not deserve to be loved or wondering what others think about that person level.

8. Phobia to be in love

leading actress in the film Eat, pray and love.

One of the most curious is the Filofobia phobias or fear of being in love. This anxiety disorder can have an effect on the social and emotional life of the person who suffers it. In severe cases, the filofóbico can not only avoid potential loves but stop relate to neighbors, coworkers, friends and family.

9. Because you do not want to have just a couple

Woman smiling and clapping.

Not to feel vulnerable, they tend to establish relationships simultaneous fear they have to be abandoned and their relationships are a roller coaster of emotions with constant ups and downs.

10. Fears from Childhood

Young couple on swings.

Many people are affected by fears that you fail completely and that have their roots in childhood.

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